Fuseless Fan is collecting funds to establish its multi-use arts hub in East London.
This space is vital to achieving all of our objectives and enhancing our contribution to the community.

Owning a permanent venue would grant us the capability to organize events, exhibitions, and performances simultaneously and with greater frequency and consistency. Additionally, it would enable us to provide affordable studio spaces and artist residencies while also securing a stable location for our cocktail bar.

Help us support even more artists!!


‘Anarcho-Imprints’ by Julia Kusztos

Following our exhibition 'Echoes in The Liminal: A Visual Meditation', artist Julia Kusztos has generously contributed the prints from her installation 'Anarcho-Imprints' for anyone to buy on a pay-what-you-can basis, serving as a donation for Fuseless Fan.
Select your preferred donation amount below and receive 3x Art Prints delivered to you!

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Fuseless Fan CIC is registered with the Companies House as a Community Interest Company (CIC)     @2023